Tips for Making Anti-Fail Ice Cream Consuming ice cream is most appropriate when the air is hot. No wonder many people buy ice to relieve the heat of the sun. But, instead of having to buy, it’s better to make your own ice cream. For that, see how to make fail-proof ice cream below.

You can try the tips below to make fail-proof ice cream.

  • Foundation Mix

First, add the ice cream mixture. This mixture is a quality material, made of the composition; granulated sugar, inulin, powdered milk slime, vegetable emulsifier, strawberry flavor, salt, vitamins, food coloring, raisins, and vegetable stabilizers.

These ingredients are what make the pondan mixture able to make your ice cream fail-proof. Not only that, the quality of the ingredients is also good for consumption, especially the vitamin content in it.

  • Use cold fresh milk

In addition to producing fail-proof ice cream, you also need to make healthy ice cream for your family. For that, you need to replace the cold water mixture with cold fresh milk. If not, add 150 CC of water then mix 1-2 tablespoons of full cream milk powder.

  • Stir and serve

The next step, stir or shake the pondan mixture with the water for 5-10 minutes. Beat the ingredients at high speed, using a mixer until the dough is fluffy and thick.

Pour the mixture into the container. Place in the freezer for 3-5 hours. Fail-proof ice cream is ready to be served and enjoyed.

Choosing Pondan as a mixed material, is the right choice. The composition and ingredients in it make the ice cream that is made even more delicious. Pondan also provides various flavors, you can adjust to your family’s tastes.

By making your own ice cream, the quality and health insurance is better maintained. You can replace ingredients that are considered less healthy, with other healthy ingredients.

To get Pondan Ice Cream or this fail-proof ice cream mix, You can visit the nearest marketplace and minimarket.

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