Tips for Making Soft and Fluffy Sponge Cake

pondan.comSponge cake is one type of cake that is very popular in the community. It can be said that this cake is an basic or the basis of the cake type so that it is commonly made by anyone. However, not everyone understands the tips for making sponge cake to make it softer and more fluffy.

As the name implies, this cake should have a soft and hollow texture like a sponge or foam. The color must also be beautiful so that it can be enjoyed on each side until it runs out.

Although it belongs to a fairly common and basic type of cake, not everyone is so good at making this type of cake with the right results. In general the result should be fluffy, soft and slightly hollow.

In order to get these results you can do the following tips.

Use the Right Recipe

Tips to make sponge cake The first is that you must use the right recipe. Usually the right recipe will use a mixture of ingredients in the form of whole eggs and egg yolks in a certain ratio.

In addition, the developer material used also usually does not consist of only one type. There is an emulsifier and baking powder that will be used in the recipe so that the texture obtained can be more appropriate.

Tips for Making Sponge Cake Using Eggs from Room Temperature

Next you are advised not to use eggs that were previously stored in the refrigerator. This will only make the cake will not expand to the maximum and the result will not be too soft.

Choose eggs that come from room temperature so that the texture remains the same and does not change. the results of the cake you make can be softer and perfectly fluffy. That way this cake can be enjoyed with very appropriate results.

Use Egg Yolk

Lastly, make sure you use egg yolks in the recipe as this will make the cake softer. You can also stick to whole eggs but use more yolks.

Those are some tips to make sponge cake to make it softer and expand perfectly. You can make this cake on various occasions to enjoy with your family or in the middle of an event with your friends. you can use Pondan Sponge Cake Mixwhich is available in various minimarkets near your home or in your favorite marketplace.

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