Tips for Making Soft Whipped Cream that You Must Pay Attention to

pondan.comCake lovers, of course, are familiar with the cream that usually coats the inside and outside of the cake, namely whipped cream. Whipped cream or whipped cream is made from a mixture of heavy cream accompanied by sugar and can be added with milk. Paying attention to tips for making the right whipped cream is the main key to producing the perfect cream.

If you are curious enough to make your own whipped cream at home, you need to know how to make and the right amount to produce a soft whipped cream. Here are some things to consider when making whipped cream

1. Using the Right Container Size

Sometimes it is thought that the use of containers can be adjusted to the needs or the amount of material available. However, the tips for making whipped cream require you to use a large container so that it doesn’t spill when you shake it. This is because the wiper cream will expand and can be doubled from the initial size.

2. Use a Cold Container

Apparently in addition to using the right size, the temperature of the container is also very influential on the results of the whipped cream itself. Try one that has a cold temperature such as a stainless steel bowl or container that has been put in the refrigerator first. This will really help to get perfect results

3. Use of cream

For cream you can choose the one labeled happy whipping cream or also use full cream. As for other alternatives, if you don’t have one, you can replace it with sweetened condensed milk and powdered milk. In addition, it’s a good idea to store whipped cream in the refrigerator so that the texture is more unified and firm.

And that’s the tips for making the right whipped cream to be able to produce soft whipped cream at the desired dose. If you think using separate ingredients is difficult or difficult to do, you can opt for instant whipped cream or one that is currently sold in powder form like Pondan. To make it easier and more convincing results.

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