Tips for Storing Pondan Cakes in the Refrigerator, Keep it Soft and Delicious Not infrequently to eat cake can not run out in a day so you have to save it to make it more durable. One of them keeps it in the refrigerator, although it is not uncommon for cake Pondan to be runny and stale.

That way, leftover cakes will be wasted and have to be wasted because they can’t be eaten anymore. Of course this is because there are some things that go wrong when you store cakes in the refrigerator so they don’t last long

Usually storing leftover cakes in containers or jars is safe and will last for a few days. However, most people prefer to store cakes in the refrigerator so must implement some proper storage tips.

Put on Different Shelf

The refrigerator is a place to store various food and beverage ingredients and other ingredients. To store cakes in the refrigerator, of course, you have to use separate shelves so they don’t get contaminated.

Separate the cake storage area with other ingredients, such as meat, fruit or other ingredients. That way, Pondan cake is protected from various bacteria so that the delicious aroma of the cake is also not contaminated with other ingredients.

Use Airtight Container

The next tip that you need to pay attention to when storing cakes to make them last longer and stay soft is the cake container. In storing cakes in the refrigerator you cannot use any container because it is very influential.

It’s better to use an airtight container or container, this container is highly recommended for various types of cakes. That way, the cake won’t get runny and stale easily and won’t damage the cake decorations that use the cream layer.

Using Plastic Wrap

When storing various foods in the refrigerator, you usually use plastic wrap to make the food last longer. This also applies when storing cakes, the delicacy and softness of the cake will be maintained if you use plastic wrap.

By paying attention to some of the tips above, it will be easier for you to store cake Pondan in the refrigerator for a few days. There are various types of products from Pondan which are famous for being practical and delicious that you can buy through the marketplace or minimarket around.

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