Tips To Make The Pudding Not Easily Melt

Pudding is a very tasty and refreshing dessert menu, the sweet taste makes pudding one of the mainstay dessert that is almost favored by everyone. Pondan has various types of puddings and flavor variants, such as chocolate mix pudding and instant flan pudding, it tastes as diverse as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and mango make us want to make more than one.

While performing the event, puddings are usually served after the meal. But because of its texture and contains a lot of water, sometimes it is not uncommon to be watery pudding because it has been made a long time ago and put in the refrigerator.

Let’s refer to the following tips:

  • Reduce the water dose. If you usually use 500 mL of water to make 1 sachet of pudding, this time try to use 400 mL of water only.
  • Because usually, puddings with a little water will last longer because the texture becomes more viscous and not easily watery. You need to make sure that the pudding served is still fresh.
  • What is meant here is if you want to serve at 16.00, then the pudding should be made 3 hours before. So make a pudding at 13:00, so as not to be stored for a long time and make it soft When the pudding is ready and still hot, do not close it and let it cool by itself.
  • Because when you close the hot pudding inside the mold, it will make the steam from the pudding stick to the lid and the pudding will be easy to run. If possible, avoid storing the pudding in the refrigerator.
  • The fridge is a very humid place so the pudding makes it easier to run. Where does the water come from? The water on the pudding can come from the pudding itself or from the water vapor present in the refrigerator.

moms and sis tips that may be suitable and you can practice when you want to make a pudding. Do not forget to always use Pondan ya moms and sis, so that the pudding that you make becomes more delicious. Hopefully these tips useful moms and sis.

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