Unique and Interesting Pancake Menu Creation Ideas

pondan.com – Dishes for every day can be made unique and interesting with a variety of existing creations, one of which is pancakes which are one of the most popular dishes.
in today’s society because the ingredients are easy to obtain. Not only made with simple methods and ingredients, there are various unique pancake creations that can be used as new inspiration ideas to make this one menu even more delicious to eat with the family. Check out what are the latest and unique creative ideas for these pancakes to make them even more delicious, as will be explained in the article below.

Pad Thai Pancakes

For those who also like and enjoy eating a variety of special dishes from Thailand, which are usually in the form of processed noodles, Pad Thai can also be made into a unique pancake creation that is interesting and of course still delicious to pamper the tongue. There is no need to go to a restaurant in order to taste this one dish, but it can be made at home because the recipe and the ingredients needed are also quite easy. If you compare it to food in Indonesia, it might be said that it is more similar to egg martabak, so you can imagine how delicious the preparation of this pancake is, which is more unique in shape.

Rainbow Pancakes

It can be said that the preparations made from pancakes are just the same, therefore it is necessary to do a variety of unique and interesting pancake creations in order to make them more delicious to eat like trying to use rainbow pancakes. Moreover, some time ago, Indonesia itself talked a lot about rainbow cakes and it went viral, so there’s no harm in making it one of the cool and interesting variants of processed pancakes. The way to make it yourself is actually the same as ordinary pancakes in general, it’s just that the appearance given is more different from the color used in the cooked dough ingredients.

Avocado and Blueberry Pancakes

When tasting pancakes, usually the sweet taste will be the dominant one, so if you find it quite boring or you need other flavors to try, then you can use fruit as an additional alternative which is the best to include in the preparation. Some fruits that can be used for unique pancake creations, such as blueberries and avocado, which have a sweet and sour taste to be the right combination as friends when eating pancakes are made. Even the two fruits can be cut into smaller sizes and then put into pancake batter so that later they can be cooked deliciously together.

Macaroni Cheese Pancake

Another unique pancake creation menu that is no less unique and interesting to try is by taking ingredients from mac and cheese, namely using macaroni and cheese as ingredients from the cooked pancakes. Not only is it a sweet taste, but a combination of the delicious taste of cheese and the delicious taste of macaroni that gives a more unique and distinct texture to the pancakes to be tasted. Actually, this recipe is not something new anymore because in America, quite a lot of people use this recipe when processing pancakes into interesting dishes.

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