Must Try! 6 Easy and Unique Eid Cookies

Ones of the most notable dishes served during the Eid al-Fitr are cookies and pastries. These particular treats are indeed perfect for family gatherings during the religious holiday. For this year, are you interested in making cookies that are different from usual? Then, you should try making these unique Eid cookies. It’s so easy and fail-proof!

1. Klepon Nastar

Pondan – Nastar Klepon

This particular nastar looks very similar to the traditional Javanese traditional snack, namely klepon. To make it, simply use Tepung Nastar Pondan. Then, add refined sugar, margarine, butter, and green coloring, so that the color resembles that of klepon. ⁣For its jam, you can make it from a mixture of palm sugar and cornstarch that have been cooked with water. Uh-huh, this sweet dish surely tastes good!

2. Brownies Almond Crispy

Pondan – Brownies Almond Crispy

Surabaya’s very own treat is also perfect for Eid festival. No need to visit the city, as you can now make your own at home. Simply use Brownies Pouch Pondan and prepare water, eggs, and melted butter. Don’t forget, before putting it in the oven, add some grated cheese and almonds on the dough. Wow, the whole family would love to taste it!

3. Brownies Cookies

Pondan – Kue Kering Brownies

Brownies Pouch Pondan is indeed famous for its versatility. So, if you don’t feel like doing the previous recipe, there are other cookie recipes that are way simpler. The steps are pretty similar to that of almond crispy. But, for this one, no need to add water. After all the ingredients are mixed, add it to some plastic triangles and put them in the piping nozzle. Then, shape the cookies according to your own choosing. Pretty easy, yet unique, right?

4. Matcha Kaasstengels

Via Pexels

Cheese and green tea combination in any dish are certainly delicious. So, it doesn’t hurt to combine kaasstengel with matcha for your Eid cakes. The recipe is very easy. Simply use Tepung Kaastengel Pondan, and add margarine, butter, and eggs into the mixture. After that, add some cheese and matcha powder. Ding dong, time to bake it!

5. Chocolate Putri Salju

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Although many people may not realize this, putri salju actually tastes the best if it’s made from chocolate. The delicacy of chocolate combined with sugar icing will truly melt in your mouth. The recipe becomes so easy if you use Tepung Brownies & Cookies from Pondan. Simply follow the guidelines on its packaging. After that, cover it all with some sugar. Yummy!

6. Chocolate Truffles

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If there’s no oven at home, you can also try making truffles balls for this year’s Eid. You will only need biscuits, condensed milk, and chocolate bars. To make it, first of all, put the biscuits in a blender. Add some condensed milk, and then blend them. Next, shape the dough into balls, then dip it in the melted chocolate. Lastly, put it in the fridge!

Those are some unique Eid cookies that you should try. Don’t worry, baking cookies is so easy if you use Pondan products. Various types of premix flours, ranging from nastar, kastengel, to various other cakes, can be found easily in Pondan. That’s why you won’ need to bother looking for too many ingredients. So, what are you waiting for? Try the recipe now with Pondan!





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