Mouth Watering, 5 Unique Takjil for Breaking the Fast

All would agree that breaking the fast seems most appropriate if it starts with eating takjil or sweet foods. Not only they won’t startle your stomach after a day of fasting, takjil dishes will also give you a particular sensation of freshness. Bored with those common kinds of takjil in your house? Here, take a peek at 5 of the most hyped and unique takjil that you can try yourself at home. The recipes are quite simple, and you can make it while waiting for the adhan!

1. Date Bread Pudding

Date Bread Pudding Pondan

The first unique takjil dish that you can try is date bread pudding. Besides having a sweet taste, this bread pudding is also rich in dates nutrition. Making it is quite easy. Simply prepare a few pieces of white bread, dates, instant pudding, liquid milk, and several other complementary ingredients. Later, you will steam all these ingredients, so that the final result will have a soft texture and thus melt in your mouth!

2. Banana Pudding Kolak

Banana Pudding Kolak Pondan

The next takjil dessert is a combination result of banana kolak (Indonesian compote) with delicious pudding. ⁣You can make the kolak from a mixture of palm sugar, rice flour, sticky rice flour, and pandan leaves as usual. Then, add some bananas, sugar palm fruit jam, and later on, pudding. For the pudding, you can make it any way you want, but we recommend a pandan flavor. After being poured with coconut milk sauce, this banana pudding kolak is guaranteed to taste good for your iftar.

3. Brown Sugar Boba Pudding

Brown Sugar Boba Pudding Pondan

To get into the hype, try breaking your fast with boba. A simple example of takjil you can make with this ingredient is brown sugar boba pudding. As the name implies, you can simply pour bobba that has been mixed with brown sugar liquid onto the pudding that you have made. The sweetness of the pudding, mixed with boba’s chewiness, will definitely arouse you to break your fast as soon as possible. But, remember, even though it’s that delicious, don’t swallow it!

4. Dessert Box or Dessert Jar 

Dessert Jar Pondan

Another takjil dish that you can try is a dessert box, which is currently on everybody’s to-do-list. But, for those of you who don’t want to bother looking for plastic boxes, you can use any kinds of glasses you have at home, making it a ‘dessert jar’. ⁣There are many simple dessert recipes out there, from chocolate, oreos, to puddings. But, the easiest one is of course Pondan’s brownies dessert jar. The combination of brownies, melted chocolate, and soft whipped cream will definitely swell in your mouth.

5. Pudding Cake

Pudding Cake Pondan

This last dish is perfect for you who want to break your fast with pudding and brownies, all at once. This cake pudding combines these two sweet dishes into a beautiful plate of cake. Whoop, even though it truly looks expensive, the process of making it is actually very simple, as long as you use the right ingredients. Don’t forget to prepare plastic molds in the shape of your choice as well.

Those are some unique takjil dishes that you can try at home. All of these desserts are very easy to make if you use Pondan! Various types of premix products are available here, ranging from pudding, brownies, pancakes, whip cream, and even ice cream is also ready! So, no need to bother looking here and there for ingredients. Lastly, don’t forget to follow the complete recipe through this link. Good luck!




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