5 Uses of Whipped Cream

In addition for cake, here are 5 uses of whipped cream

pondan.com – Mom & sis certainly agree that it’s incomplete if you don’t decorate the cake with whipped cream. White and soft cream will certainly add to the appeal and appearance of a cake for anyone who looks at it. Whipped cream is a cream made from milk and made by beating at high speed until fluffy.To get a whipped cream that fluffy perfectly usually requires a tool such as a mixer, whisk, or fork. As an added flavor, sugar is usually added to sweeten and other ingredients such as vanilla flavoring, fruit, coffee or other flavors. Not only for cake, apparently whipped cream also has other uses. Well, here are 5 uses for whip cream in addition to cake decorations that mom & sis can try.

1. For drinks topping

kegunaan whipped cream

A cup of hot chocolate at night is undeniably delicious. Similarly, cold milkshakes or iced coffee in the afternoon is blazing. Especially if you add a spoonful of whipped cream on it. Creamy sensation of whipped cream combined with delicious drinks. Hmm, the taste of each drink will be more delicious, yeah !

2. For pancake topping

kegunaan whipped cream

In addition to greasing jam or honey, mom & sis can also pour whipped cream on a stack of warm pancakes for breakfast. With fresh fruit chunks, guaranteed your pancake dish will look more special !

3. For pudding decorations

Not only for cakes, apparently you can also use whipped cream to decorate the pudding! The light and creamy whipped cream texture is perfect when combined with a soft pudding.

4. For making sundae ice cream

Want to make your own sundae ice cream at home? Add whipped cream, chocolate sauce, fruit slices, and chocolate sprinkles plus nuts to the ice cream of your choice. So, a delicious, cold dessert is ready for you to eat !

5. Untuk membuat salad buah

Not only with mayonnaise or yogurt, you can also make fruit salad with whipped cream! Add a few spoons of whipped cream to a bowl of pieces of your favorite fruit, a bowl of delicious and fresh fruit salad ready for you to eat.

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