For Valentine’s Food, Pair Chocolate with These 5 Ingredients

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is often associated with chocolate. The sweet and delicious taste of chocolate seems to represent the idea of love that is just as sweet. As a common Valentine’s food, chocolate will certainly be more pleasing if it’s combined with other tasty treats. So, which ingredients are the best chocolate pairings? Here are the 5 ingredients that you should pair with chocolate for dishes on Valentine’s Day.

1. Peanuts


Chocolate and peanuts are commonly paired. It is because both chocolate and peanuts can enhance each other’s taste. However, you should consider what types of peanuts you want to mix with chocolate. For example. almonds and hazelnuts have such a specific taste that fits better with dark chocolate. With this in mind, you can now try creating your own Valentine’s food made from chocolate and nuts, such as chocolate hazelnut cake or roasted brownies.

2. Coffee


Pairing chocolate with coffee feels really right. The strong aroma of coffee will make any chocolate-flavored food tastes even more delicious. One of the most popular Valentine’s foods using a mix of chocolate and coffee is opera cake.

3. Cheese


Although their taste is quite distinct, cheese and chocolate actually contain components that complement each other. Of course, you have to know how to pair certain types of cheese and chocolate. Lighter and creamier cheese will fit better with a lighter and creamier chocolate texture. Valentine’s food that you can try at home are cheesecakes with a variety of chocolate mix.

4. Salty Treats


Lately, the mix of chocolate and salty treats has become quite popular. Potato chips, pretzels, and popcorns are examples of salty treats that can be paired with chocolate. These salty treats can match the taste of chocolate because of the salt and sugar combination. On Valentine’s Day, you can make your own chocolate potato chips or pretzels, and design them so that they look like hearts.

5. Fruits


Since they both have sweet taste, chocolate is perfect when it’s paired with fruit. But, you should consider the type of chocolate and fruit that you want to pair up. For example, dark chocolate will taste better if it’s paired with sweeter fruits, like strawberries, mangoes and bananas. The right mix of chocolate and fruits will certainly enhance the taste of your Valentine’s food.

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