Various Creations from Pondan Original Bulky Pancakes The shape is almost like a sweet martabak. But the size is thinner and smaller, that’s Pancakes. Have you ever tried to taste it? Usually this dish is combined with chocolate or strawberry ice cream

Currently there are various ingredients available for making pancakes, one of which is quite popular, namely Bulky Pancake OriginalPondan.

The reason for the ingredients of Pondan Original Bulky Pancakes is quite popular

Are you curious, why Pondan’s Bulky Pancake Original is so popular? So that not a few mothers out there create their own pancakes with this ingredient, that’s because of several things:

  1. The ingredients are quality, durable, clean, healthy.
  2. Derived from selected superior ingredients, which are not mixed with other additives so the quality of the taste is very delicious.
  3. The price is quite affordable.
  4. Practical, and easy to save.
  5. Long lasting
  6. The packaging is quite thick and clean.

From these things, it seems that it will make you interested in trying this Bulky Pancake Original Pondan. Instead of buying pancakes at a cafe or restaurant where the price can be more expensive, the taste is sometimes just ordinary.

Various Pondan Original Bulky Pancake Creations

Bulky Pancake Original Pondan, produces pancakes with a savory taste, but not too salty. So it is suitable to combine with various toppings. The creations from Bulky Pancake Original Pondan that you can make are:

  • Original Ice Cream Pancakes

Usually, original ice cream pancakes are widely used as an appetizer or appetizer from several well-known restaurants. Instead of buying at high prices, you can make this dish yourself with Bulky Pancake Original Pondan.

  • Original Pancakes with Honey/Cheese

Some Cafes also set the Pancake Original with Honey menu as Dessert. In this case, Dessert is defined as a dessert menu. Initially serving Dessert was indeed for sweet food, but over time dessert was presented with a variety of menus, not only sweet but also savory or fresh.

Like those who don’t like honey, some restaurants also provide other options such as a pancake menu plus a slice of cheese. Of course the price of these pancakes is not cheap, so you can make them yourself with Pondan.

  • Original Pancakes with Eggs

For some Bistros, the Pancake Original menu is served with the addition of half-boiled eggs. Usually this menu will be served as a tea time menu or breakfast menu, for some people who like the light breakfast system or as an alternative to sandwiches.

You can also make this menu easily with Bulky Pancake Original Pondan. You can simply create it with half-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs to make it taste even more delicious.

You can make all of these Original Pancake creations easily. Especially if Bulky Pancake Original is already available in your favorite kitchen. Just waiting for the right cooking time.

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