What is Brown Sugar? A Popular Sugar Alternative

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Brown sugar is now becoming more popular due to the high demand of boba drinks. But, prior to reaching its recent fame, this type of sugar is actually already often used as an alternative ingredient to make a cake. Make no mistake, this one is different from palm sugar that we usually encounter. So, what is brown sugar? How is it different from sugar in general? Here is the summary.

What is Brown Sugar?

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Essentially, brown sugar is a type of sugar that changes color into bronze after the addition of molasses, which is the remains of sweet substance in the form of liquid from sugar cane drops. Generally, these molasses are separated and removed during sugar production. But, mixing these sugar crystals with a number of molasses will produce a bronze-colored sugar that is soft and thick. In food recipes, you can practically replace white sugar with this type of sugar as an ingredient.

The Making Process of Brown Sugar

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The particular term originally referred to raw sugar which had not been completely refined. However, later, many sugar producers choose to re-add the molasses to the refined sugar. The reason behind his is so that the color and size of the sugar crystals can be controlled. Generally, the amount of molasses added is around 5-10 percent, and this can determine the type of sugar produced.

Because of this molasses, there are also mineral content in brown sugar, such as calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium. You will not find this mineral content in white sugar. However, because the content amount is very low, there is actually no significant difference in health benefits between these two types of sugar. The difference only lies in the taste and effect when used for baking.

Why Choose Brown Sugar?

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Many choose this kind of sugar because of its texture, which is softer than white sugar. In addition, the aroma that comes with it is also much better. It can also be processed into caramel, and uniquely, caramel made from this particular sugar looks more appetizing and brightly colored. With its sweeter taste, brown sugar is also often used as ingredients for making cakes as it can provide moisture to the cake, so that it tastes more delicious.

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