What’s the Difference Cake And Bolu?

What’s the Difference Cake And Bolu? Maybe there are still confused yes moms and sis between cake and sponge, what’s the difference, just the same aja deh, the same soft cake, just different mention of it. It turns out really different, Moms !

Bolu or can also be called a butter cake made from fat like butter or margarine which is shaken with sugar, eggs are added afterwards, the last dry ingredients such as flour, milk and other liquids.

While how to make sponge cake, from eggs are whipped with sugar, new dry ingredients are included After the eggs and sugar are whipped up expands. Finally margarine whether liquefied or not.

From the processing this is the difference, and if seen indeed produce different textures as well. Quoting from Fatmah Bahalwan, founder of the Natural Cooking Club mailing list is as follows:

Actually bolu is Indonesian from cake. But the understanding then shifts, the sponge is defined as a rough and solid cake. Made from more egg yolks than egg whites and a little flour use. Sponge cake is a type of cake made by egg whipped with sugar, margarine thawed. This cake tastes lighter than the type of butter type cake (cake made from shaved margarine and eggs are included one by one while continuing to be shaken).

Well, that’s the explanation between the sponge and cake yes moms and sis. So what are you trying to do? Wear premix flour from Pondan just moms and sis to ease moms and sis in making cake. Premix flour for sponge cake, sponge and others there. Wait let alone moms and sis, yuk make a delicious cake for family at home.

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