Why Make Ice Cream With Salt?

If you make of ice cream salt is required. Why ?

Do you know moms ? a passing ice cream seller can still sell ice cream in a frozen state, but never use a freezer and just kept in aluminum container only.

Well, it turns under and around the place there is ice cubes that have been given salt. so the ice cream dough can be frozen and awake cold. This happens because the salt bring on ce cubes to decrease the freezing point or melting point.

HOW COME???? because if it added salt, ice cubes can melt? for a country experiencing a snow season usually likes to sprinkle salt on the snow that covers the road for liquid.so the salt has the ability to melt or melt ice.

Here’s the mechanism !

When salt is sown on ice, the stability of water particles in solid phase (ice) so upset ! therefore when the salt sprinkled on the ice will be hollow. This happens because the particles of ice that are on the surface break away from the pull of ice particles that are next to and below..The particles that managed to break away are then switched to the liquid phase.Ice has an average temperature below 0 (zero) degrees Celsius. The addition of the salt had caused the ice to melt without the addition of heat.So even though it is liquid, the temperature remains the same as ice that is still frozen. Therefore, salt can lower the melting point of water, because ice can melt below the normal melting point of zero degrees Celsius.

What To Do with Ice Cream ?

In an ice melting it takes energy or heat absorption, whereas the heat is not supplied from the outside, then ice absorbs heat from itself. So as to cause the ice temperature becomes smaller, even in the liquid state. Since the heat moves from hot to cold, the ice is already absorbed by the heat of the ice cream dough.As a result the ice cream dough becomes frozen. That’s why ice-cream sellers on the road can keep their ice cream freeze and not melt even if they do not use freezers.

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