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Practical Steps to Start a Bika Ambon Business From Scratch!

Web-Pondan-langkah Praktis-untuk-Memulai-Usaha-Bika-Ambon-Dari-Nol-dekstop-View

Bika ambon is a traditional snack often mistaken to originate from Maluku. Actually, bika ambon is a traditional cake native to Medan, North Sumatra. Bika Ambon is even known as a must-buy souvenir when visiting Medan. History of Bika Ambon There are many stories circulating about the origin of bika ambon. Some say, this cake […]

Traditional Indonesian Cakes: A Heritage to Be Preserved


Traditional Indonesian Cakes: A Heritage to Be Preserved Traditional Indonesian cakes are foods that have existed since ancient times and have been passed down from generation to generation to this day. These traditional cakes have a distinctive and diverse taste, as well as an attractive appearance. Here are some examples of traditional Indonesian cakes: Kue […]

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