5 Mistakes in Storing Cookies, Storing Them While Still Hot

Planning to make cookies for Eid al-Fitr later? You also need to know how to store them properly. If not careful when storing them, the cookies will become soggy and not as enjoyable as before. According to All Recipes and Taste of Home, here are some mistakes in storing cookies:

  1. Storing them while still hot. When storing cookies, it’s best not to rush, especially if the cookies are freshly baked and just taken out of the oven. Storing cookies while still hot traps the heat, resulting in condensation or moisture. This can make the storage container damp and the cookies stale quickly. It’s better to let the cookies cool completely before storing them.
  2. Not transferring newly bought cookies to a new container. When buying cookies from the store, make sure that the container is adequate and airtight. If not, it’s best to transfer the cookies to a new container. The containers provided by sellers are usually ordinary and not airtight. Therefore, transferring newly bought cookies to an airtight container will make them last longer and avoid the risk of moisture.
  3. Not storing them in an airtight jar. If cookies are not stored in an airtight jar, there’s a possibility of air getting in. As a result, moisture may seep in and gradually soften the cookies. To keep cookies fresh, it’s important to store them in a tightly sealed airtight container. Make sure nothing obstructs the container and its lid, and double-check if the seal is tight to prevent air from entering.
  4. Mixing different types of cookies in one container. Storing different types of cookies in the same container can degrade the quality and taste of both. Therefore, it’s important to store different types of cookies separately because each requires different storage conditions. Moreover, this action can also prevent unwanted flavor combinations.
  5. Leaving cookies on the table. After storing cookies in a sealed plastic bag, don’t just leave them on the table. If you store cookies in a zip-top or zippered bag and leave them on the table, exposure to outside air and room temperature can damage the cookies by making them crumble or too soft due to moisture. It’s better to store cookies in a safer place to maintain their quality.

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