An Easy Way to Make Instant Cake Flour Dough That’s More Appetizing


Instant cake flour becomes one of the best ingredients that can be utilized by mothers who are not too skilled in making cakes. This allows them to make delicious cakes for their beloved family. Because it is usually very easy to use and fail-safe, guaranteed to succeed.

The steps used to make cakes are usually quite practical, just adding eggs or water. You can even choose from various types according to your desires, such as chiffon, steamed black forest, sponge cake, instant pancakes, and also instant brownies.

Actually, even without adding anything, this instant cake flour already tastes delicious and close to perfect. However, there are some tips that can be used to make it taste even better. So that when used as a snack at a gathering or family event, it won’t be noticed.

  1. Add Extra Eggs and Butter.
    Usually, on the instructions on the package, there are some ingredients that need to be added. By adding eggs, for example, if the cake instructions recommend adding 1-2 eggs, add 2 more eggs to make it taste better.
    Also, pay attention to how to stir it, whether it’s enough to use a spoon or you need to use a mixer. You can also add butter to the instant cake flour batter to make the butter flavor stronger. Especially butter that has aroma like room butter.
  1. Add Milk to Instant Cake Flour
    Adding milk as a substitute for water is also one way to make the cake tastier. Powdered milk with a savory and sweet taste will make the cake more aromatic. In addition, milk can also add density to the texture of the cake.
  2. Add Coffee
    You can also add coffee to the instant cake flour batter you are making. To produce a cake with a tempting coffee aroma. It could even be that friends or family you serve won’t even suspect that the cake you made uses instant flour.

Those are some tips that you can use to make cakes have a different deliciousness. You can also add various other ingredients according to your preference to the instant cake flour used. like cinnamon powder, orange flavored powdered drink sachets, and so on.

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