Kaastengels is a traditional Dutch pastry that originated in the Netherlands and has become one of Indonesia’s traditional cookies. The name “kaastengels” comes from the Dutch words “kaas,” meaning cheese, and “tengels,” which means fingers. This pastry is known for its distinctive cheese flavor and its long, flat shape, resembling fingers.

Kaastengels are made from a mixture of wheat flour, butter, eggs, parmesan cheese or cheddar cheese, and a pinch of salt and pepper. The dough is then shaped into long logs which are sliced into desired sizes. The pieces of dough are then baked until golden brown.

This pastry is often served as a snack or accompaniment during special occasions, such as festive celebrations or as a complement to tea or coffee. Its savory and crispy taste makes kaastengels a favorite among many people, both in the Netherlands and in Indonesia.

Kaastengels is a traditional Dutch pastry with a long history. Although it originated in the Netherlands, variations and adaptations of this pastry can be found in various countries, especially in former Dutch colonies. Here are some examples of Kaastengels variations in several countries:

Indonesia: In Indonesia, Kaastengels has become part of the local culinary tradition. It is usually made during Christmas or New Year celebrations. Indonesian versions of Kaastengels typically use parmesan or cheddar cheese and are often served as snacks during celebrations or special events.

  • Suriname: In Suriname, a country in South America that was formerly a Dutch colony, Kaastengels is also known and enjoyed by many people. Local variations may use ingredients that are more readily available locally.
  • South Africa: Kaastengels is also known in South Africa, especially among the Afrikaans community, which has a strong Dutch influence in their culture and cuisine.
  • Belgium: Although not as popular as in the Netherlands, Kaastengels can still be found in Belgium with some variations in flavor or shape.
  • United States: In the United States, especially in Dutch American communities such as in Michigan or Wisconsin, Kaastengels is still enjoyed and sold in pastry shops or bakeries.

Although Kaastengels originated from the Netherlands, local variations and adaptations have made it a well-known pastry in various countries with different tastes and preferences.

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