Mango Pudding Mix: Innovative Flavor for Extraordinary Dessert Dishes


Mango Pudding Mix Box 200g

Bring the joy of fresh and delicious dessert with this Mango Pudding Mix recipe. Use Pondan pudding premix for consistent results and smooth custard sauce for a tempting flavor experience.


  • 150 g pudding premix
  • 500 ml water

How to Make Pudding:

  1. Boil 500 ml water, reduce heat, then add Pondan Pudding Mix powder into the boiling water while stirring evenly. Stir gently until boiling again. Let it boil for ± 3 minutes. Pour into pudding molds and let it cool slightly, then refrigerate until set. Pudding is ready to be served.

How to Make Custard Sauce:

  1. Measure precisely 150 ml boiling water, then pour the custard powder gradually into the boiling water while stirring for ± 4 minutes until evenly mixed and no lumps. Let it cool until the custard is not hot, then refrigerate, serve cold.

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