“21 Popular Types of Eid Cookies that are Must-Haves During the Festival”

The celebration of Eid al-Fitr is certainly eagerly awaited by all Muslims. So it’s no wonder that when the day of the festival arrives, they will celebrate it with joy. Amidst the sound of the call to prayer and the resounding beat of the bedug drum, there is one thing that cannot be missed. What is it?

Yes, it’s the typical Eid cookies. It seems to be a tradition; it feels incomplete to celebrate Eid without the presence of cookies in each household. So for those of you who are still wondering whether to buy or make them yourself, what kind of cookies should you make? Here are 21 types of cookies that can be made at home, some can be made (read: using Pondan premix flour) and are very simple to make, making them memorable because they are homemade.

Popular types of Eid cookies that must be in the house during Eid:

  1. Cheese cookies

Kaastengels cookies, originally from the Netherlands, have become a mandatory cookie in households celebrating Eid. Cheese cookies or kaastengels are one of the mandatory cookies that must be present in every household celebrating Eid. This cookie uses sprinkled edam cheese or cheddar cheese. It is not uncommon to add parmesan cheese to make its cheesy aroma more pronounced. This cookie has a crispy, salty, and savory texture.

  1. Peanut cookies

This Eid special cookie uses peanuts as its main ingredient. Its savory and sweet taste makes it very popular among everyone. Usually, these cookies are shaped in various forms and placed in jars.

  1. Snow White cookies

Another Eid cheese cookie is the Snow White cookie. It’s called that because it uses a sweet white powdered sugar topping that resembles snow. As for its texture, this cookie is similar to cheese cookies but softer. Its taste is savory but not as aromatic as cheese cookies that use cheese as their main ingredient.

  1. Chocolate cookies

Who doesn’t love the sweetness of chocolate, from children to adults? As the name suggests, this cookie uses additional chocolate in its dough. Although not as popular as the cookies above, this cookie is also quite famous, especially among children who love chocolate. Usually, chocolate cookies are topped with cooking chocolate, colorful chocolate sprinkles, or chocolate chips.

  1. Butter cookies

This type of cookie is made from unsalted butter processed with flour, baking soda, peanut butter topping, and other supporting ingredients. These cookies have a crispy and sweet texture. Unlike other cookies, the baking process for these cookies must be done until completely dry. If not, the texture of the cookies will be soft and easily crumbled.

  1. Pineapple tarts

These cookies are very popular to serve on any festive occasion, not just Eid. You must be familiar with them, right? Pineapple tarts have a soft texture and are usually filled with sweet pineapple jam. However, many also replace it with strawberry jam, blueberry jam, or other fruit jams. Some even fill them with chocolate.

  1. Chocolate nut cookies

These cookies are known as nigreta. They are chocolate nut cookies. They look similar to regular chocolate cookies, but their texture is crispier and denser. At first glance, they resemble brownies, but their texture is crispier.

  1. Melt-in-your-mouth cookies

This unique Eid cookie has a distinctive shape. Its soft texture and not-too-sweet taste make it perfect as a companion to tea and coffee.

  1. Cat’s tongue cookies

Cat’s Tongue Cookies 400g

The texture and taste of cat’s tongue cookies resemble egg roll cookies, but their shape is flatter. These cookies are called cat’s tongue cookies because of their shape. The taste of these cookies is quite sweet. Usually, they are sprinkled with granulated sugar, grated cheese, or chocolate on top.

  1. Vanilla dates cookies

What makes these cookies different is the use of dates as the main ingredient. These cookies use dates as the main ingredient. The sweet taste of dates and the crispiness of the dough make the combination very popular.

  1. Emping cookies

For fans of emping chips, these emping cookies are irresistible. The soft texture and sweet, savory, but slightly bitter taste make these cookies different from most cookies. These cookies use melinjo seeds as the main ingredient, but you can also make them with ready-to-eat emping chips.

  1. Peanut bangket cookies

These cookies are a typical cookie from the Riau community. The savory taste of peanuts as the main ingredient is the highlight of these cookies. Although they use peanuts as the main ingredient, these cookies are not as dense as most cookies.

  1. Choco chips cookies

When you see choco chips cookies, you’ll surely remember one of the packaged cookie brands. The inspiration for these cookies indeed comes from those packaged cookies, but what sets them apart from that brand is the sprinkling of choco chips on top.

  1. Coconut biji ketapang cookies

The next Eid cookie comes from the Betawi community. These biji ketapang cookies are made from coconut, so they tend to be savory and sweet. The manufacturing process is different from other cookies because they are fried.

  1. Kembang goyang cookies

Still related to Betawi culture, the next cookie is kembang goyang, a traditional snack from the area. People around often serve these cookies when Eid arrives. The name comes from the way they are made, which involves shaking them first to release them from the mold. For taste, these cookies are also sweet and savory.

  1. Sago cookies

Sago cookies have a sweet and savory taste. As the name suggests, these cookies are made from sago.

  1. Cornflakes cookies

As the name suggests, cornflakes cookies use corn flakes, often used for breakfast cereals, as their main ingredient. The crispy and savory texture, along with the sweetness of corn, makes these cookies popular.

  1. Satu cookies

This Eid cookie is a culinary heritage of West Java. These peanut-based cookies are not only present during Eid celebrations but are also always present at events.

  1. Keciput cookies

At first glance, these cookies resemble onde-onde, but they are smaller in size than regular onde-onde. Not much different, these cookies also use sesame seeds on the outside, and the manufacturing process is the same: frying.

  1. Dry pastel cookies

Dry pastel cookies have the same appearance as regular pastels. However, these cookies are much smaller. Another difference lies in their filling, which is beef floss.

  1. Coconut root cookies

The next cookie comes from Betawi culture. These cookies are made from coconut and sago, similar to biji ketapang, but coconut root cookies have a slightly softer texture.

Those are 21 types of Eid cookies that must be present in every household during Eid celebrations. Which cookie is your favorite? You can also make them yourself at home using PONDAN Food premix, guaranteed to turn out well and not disappoint.

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