Classic Indonesian Cakes: Flavors that Bring Memories


Mom & sis, surely you already know that sponge cake has long been a part of the culinary culture of the archipelago. Not only delicious and moist, sponge cake in several regional traditions often serves as an important symbol. So, what are the unique varieties of Indonesian sponge cakes? Let’s take a brief look at Gusto’s summary of various indigenous sponge cakes!

  1. Lapis Legit
    Rooted in the culinary tradition of the Dutch East Indies in the past, Lapis Legit remains a favorite among many people in Indonesia. Even on international news sites cited by CNN, Lapis Legit is mentioned as one of the tastiest traditional cakes in the world. Due to its considered luxurious ingredients and intricate preparation, in some regions, serving this sponge cake is often used as a symbol to signify the prestige of its owner. Unique, isn’t it?
  1. Black Glutinous Rice Sponge Cake
    As one of the world’s largest consumers of rice, it’s no wonder Indonesia also has Black Glutinous Rice Sponge Cake as one of its culinary varieties. Its soft yet chewy texture and delightful taste of black glutinous rice are the highlights of this sponge cake. It’s unclear who first discovered the recipe for this unique variant of sponge cake. However, in some major cities like Garut, this sponge cake is often innovated as a special souvenir.
  2. Marble Cake
    Also known as ‘old-fashioned cake’, this classic sponge cake has been a part of Indonesian cuisine for quite some time. The beautiful cake with marbled chocolate motifs is often served during celebrations or other significant days such as Chinese New Year. Not only does it evoke nostalgia, but its distinctive taste and buttery aroma make it delicious and loved by everyone who tastes it. Delicious!
  3. Rainbow Cake
    Consisting of 3 layers of rainbow-like colors, this colorful steamed sponge cake has been around for decades. Although there’s no clear history of how this cake came about, many claim it’s an ancestral heritage recipe passed down through generations. Making this steamed sponge cake is relatively easy as it only requires eggs, flour, sugar, thick coconut milk, and food coloring with added cake emulsifier.
  4. Batik Cake
    Contemporary batik art doesn’t have to be limited to fabric. Through creations like this sponge cake, beautiful batik motifs are combined with the deliciousness of rolled cake. These beautiful cakes were even popular back in 2015. Aside from its unique appearance, the taste of this unique cake is equally delightful. Not only in Indonesia, but the enthusiasts of Batik Cake have reached overseas destinations like Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and even England..

These five unique Indonesian sponge cakes show that the culinary richness of this country is always worth applauding. So, for mom & sis who don’t want to miss out on the deliciousness of local cakes, why not try various cake premix variants from Gusto? Not only convenient, with Gusto, you can also enjoy delicious homemade cake creations effortlessly. Without hassle and surely fail-proof.


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