The 5 Most Popular Viral Martabaks You Must Experience Their Sensations


Mom & sis must be familiar with the sweet martabak. This favorite snack, also known as ‘Terang Bulan’, is easily found everywhere. From street vendors to trendy stylish cafes, sweet martabak is widely available. With its characteristic rich fillings, modern sweet martabak now comes in various variations. Let’s take a closer look at 5 types of sweet martabak that you’ll surely love, here’s the review.

  1. Bangka Martabak
    In its place of origin, the Bangka-Belitung Islands, Bangka martabak is also known as Hok Lo Pan, which means it’s a Hoklo people’s cake. Allegedly, this cake was initially made by the Chinese Peranakan people who lived there. This Bangka Martabak is the precursor to the sweet martabak that has now spread throughout Indonesia.
  2. Pandan Roll Martabak
    Resembling a Swiss roll, but not quite a Swiss roll? Yes, that’s the pandan roll martabak. This martabak is an innovation of the usual sweet martabak with a slightly different presentation. With the addition of pandan essence to the dough, this martabak looks even more beautiful and tempting. Delicious!
  3. Black Martabak
    Why is the martabak so dark? Well… the darkness of this martabak doesn’t mean it’s burnt. Black martabak intentionally has black coloring in its dough like black cocoa powder, black forest powder, or charcoal powder. Not only does it make the martabak more visually appealing, but the addition of these powders also apparently enhances the unique aroma and flavor of the martabak.
  4. Pizza Martabak
    Classic martabak for some people might seem boring because you can only choose 1-2 toppings. Allegedly, the idea of making pizza martabak originated from there. One type of martabak filled with various toppings that you can choose according to your taste. Perfect for those who want martabak with various flavors without breaking the bank. Just like pizza, pizza martabak is also very suitable for those who need a dish to be eaten together.
  1. Thin Crispy Martabak
    This is Martabak Tipker, one of the innovative martabak creations that have become popular lately. Behind its increasing popularity, there’s Koh Asan, a martabak entrepreneur from Bandung who is said to be the creator of thin crispy martabak for the first time. Well, if martabak is usually associated with soft and fluffy texture, the uniqueness of this martabak is its dry and crispy texture but still delicious like martabak. Unique, isn’t it?

Wow, they all look so delicious. Can’t wait to try one of them. Now, if mom & sis want to start a martabak business, you can definitely use instant martabak flour from Gusto.

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