Sponge Cake vs Chiffon Cake: What’s the Difference? Find Out Here!


Both have a soft, fluffy appearance, many don’t know that there is a difference between Sponge Cake and Chiffon Cake. These two pastry products are often labeled as identical. However, in terms of texture, taste, and ingredients, they are completely different. To avoid confusion, let’s find out the differences through the following review.

Sponge Cake
Sponge Cake is a type of basic foam cake. Unlike butter cake types, which usually rely on baking powder or baking soda as leavening agents, Sponge Cake generally only relies on whipped air and eggs as its leavening agents. There are many types of sponge cakes around the world, each with its own characteristics.

The original classic sponge cake is usually made without butter and by beating the egg whites and yolks separately when making the batter. However, in some types of cakes, such as Genoise, an Italian and French sponge cake, a small amount of melted butter is typically added to enrich the flavor, and the egg whites and yolks are beaten together with sugar until fluffy and thick.

Sponge Cake tends to have a bland and non-dominant flavor but has a light texture and is not as fragile as butter cake. Therefore, sponge cake is often used in making layered cakes or roll cakes. To enhance the flavor and moisture of the cake, Sponge Cake also often relies on syrup or flavored buttercream coatings to help the cake taste rich.

Chiffon Cake
First discovered by a kitchenware salesman in America in the 1950s, Chiffon Cake is often referred to as a combination of foam and butter cake. In its making, Chiffon Cake also relies on beaten egg whites or meringue and baking powder as its leavening agents. The use of vegetable oil as one of its ingredients also becomes a characteristic of making Chiffon Cake, which serves to give the cake a texture that remains soft like sponge cake but still rich in flavor like butter cake.

In its preparation, Chiffon Cake batter is often added with spices or other ingredients to enhance the flavor. For example, in Indonesia and Malaysia, Chiffon Cake is often added with coconut milk and pandan essence to add a distinctive flavor and aroma to the cake. Unlike sponge cake, Chiffon Cake is usually served without any additional toppings or spreads because it already has a rich flavor on its own.

So, moms & sis, is the difference between Sponge Cake and Chiffon Cake clear now? Well, for those of you who want to try making one, you can also use ready-to-use cake premixes for Sponge Cake and Chiffon Cake from Gusto. Convenient, guaranteed delicious, and fail-proof.

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