Delicious Muffin Creations: Creative Recipes for Anytime Enjoyment


Who loves munching on muffins for breakfast? These bread-like cupcakes have enough nutrition to kickstart your day. But sometimes, it gets boring when the muffin flavors are just the same. Let’s get creative with your muffins using the methods below.

If you usually always buy or make muffins with blueberry fillings, how about switching to strawberries this time? You can also add other ingredients to the muffin batter, such as bananas, carrots, and more. Who knows, you might discover a new flavor that turns out to be delicious.

Muffins are typically soft and smooth, but how about adding crunchy ingredients that you can enjoy chewing? Choose crispy and crunchy ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, toasted coconut shavings, or your favorite biscuit pieces.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Customize your muffins to be as sweet as you want. Try adding fruit jam on top of the muffin batter, sprinkle chopped chocolate, or dust with cocoa powder.

Aside from sweet, muffins also come in savory flavors. To achieve this, you can mix in pieces of smoked meat, grated cheese, or even pickled jalapenos into the basic batter. Well, isn’t it easy to make muffins with various additional ingredients? They can be sweet or savory. Want to make muffins for your bakery & cake business? Use ready-to-use flour from Gusto. Available in two flavors, vanilla and chocolate, and can be added with other ingredients according to your taste.

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