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Whipped Cream Recipe: How to Make Delicious Whipped Cream for Cake and Dessert Decorations


Whipped Cream Recipe 150g Prepare delicious and smooth whipped cream easily using PONDAN Whipped Cream premix. Get the fluffy and thick texture to perfectly decorate your cakes. Ingredients: 150g PONDAN Whipped Cream 300ml cold water How to Make: Prepare cold water (mix drinking water with ice cubes, wait until it’s very cold). Measure precisely 300ml […]

Baked Tiramisu Recipe: How to Make Delicious and Appetizing Tiramisu Dessert

pondan-web-Resep-Tiramisu-Panggang-Cara-Membuat-Dessert -Tiramisu-yang-Lezat-dan-Menggugah-Selera

Baked Tiramisu Recipe Enjoy the deliciousness of this tasty and appetizing Baked Tiramisu. With the perfect combination of PONDAN premix, eggs, and melted margarine, along with the thick and delicious tiramisu mousse topping, prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable flavor adventure! Ingredients: 315g PONDAN Vanilla premix 4 eggs (± 250g) 100g melted margarine For […]

Delicious Birthday Cake with Black Forest Cake Mix


Blackforest is one of the most popular cakes for birthdays. Where, indeed, to make it yourself requires many ingredients and certainly must be weighed. However, you can avoid that by using blackforest cake mix from Gusto. Certainly, the dough from Gusto is already very suitable and there will be no leftover ingredients later. To make […]

Special Birthday Cake: Recipe and Tricks for the Perfect Black Forest


The Black Forest cake is often chosen as a birthday cake, which is why many cake shops make Black Forest their main product for sale. Its simple yet practical decoration remains the top choice for birthday celebrations. Picture 1.1 Gusto BlackForest Panggang 10kg Here’s how to make a Black Forest Birthday Cake for your business […]

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