Delicious Birthday Cake with Black Forest Cake Mix


Blackforest is one of the most popular cakes for birthdays. Where, indeed, to make it yourself requires many ingredients and certainly must be weighed. However, you can avoid that by using blackforest cake mix from Gusto.

Certainly, the dough from Gusto is already very suitable and there will be no leftover ingredients later. To make this blackforest, other additional ingredients are needed such as eggs and margarine.

Brief Review of Black Forest Cake Mix

The interesting thing that can be found in this batter is the availability of chocolate paste, which is always used in making black forest cakes. Later on, you can incorporate this chocolate paste when the batter has thickened.

Gusto Black Forest Kukus 10kgPicture 1.1 Gusto Black Forest Kukus 10kg

Pondan Black Forest 418g
         Picture 1.2 Pondan Black Forest 418g

From this chocolate paste, you will get a truly chocolatey Black Forest. Moreover, the sweetness is just right. So, anyone will be addicted to this Black Forest.

To get satisfying results, this batter should not be immediately put into one pan. You can divide it into 3 pans. This is done so that the Black Forest can bake evenly until the middle part.

Baking this Black Forest can be done in a large oven for about 15 minutes. Beforehand, the batter in the pans must be leveled first, to give good results later. Later on, to determine if the cake is cooked or not, you can insert a toothpick into the middle. If there is no batter sticking, the cake is definitely cooked.

Gusto’s Black Forest cake mix itself has 2 variations, bake and steam. Both certainly have the same high-quality ingredients. Thus, they are capable of producing fragrant and delicious Black Forest cakes.

That’s a brief review of the Black Forest from Gusto. This Black Forest has the same taste as the usual Black Forest. Once it’s baked or steamed, you can decorate it using buttercream according to your preference. Come on, try this Black Forest as a bakery business idea!.

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